How it works?

  1. Choose an available time on the calendar.
  2. Select the objective of your appointment- choose one
    Women's Health (Hormone Consultaiton)
    Men's Health (Hormone Consultation)
    Weight loss and fitness
    Adrenal fatigue and Stress
    Skin Care
    Dietary Supplements & Tonic Herbs recommendation
    Diet and Nutrition
    Follow up consultation
  3. You will receive an invoice for the appointment.
  4. Make your payment in order to secure your appointment.
  5. Once payment is received, we will notify you by email with call-in instructions along with any questinaires to be completed by you before your appointment.
  6. We will send you a courtesy reminder via text or email the day prior to your appointment.

What is the cost for the consultation? $80

What is included in the 30 minute consult?

Consult with one of our advising pharmacists and tell us what you need help with.

  • 10 minutes - Pharmacist reviews your self-assessment. 
  • 15 minutes- Pharmacist offers recommendations.  
  • 5 minutes- Q&A

The pharmacy must have a prescription from your doctor for all compounded medicines, including bioidentical hormones. Only your doctor can treat and diagnose your condition and provide a patient-specific prescription order for the pharmacist.

In reference to California Code, Health and Safety Code - HSC § 11150 those with prescribing priviledge include:
Naturopathic Doctor (Business and Professions Code § 3640.7)
Nurse Practioner (Business and Professions Code § 2836.1)
Physical Assistant (Business and Professions Code § 128125, 3502.1)
Registered Nurse (Business and Professions Code § 128125)

We are committed to our role in the patient-practitioner-pharmacy triad. Questions are welcome from practitioners and we encourage peer-to-peer consultation with them. 

If you need a referral for a healthcare practitioner, please email your request to

Cancellation Policy